Is PubliPaid a Fraud or Scam?

In this note we will reveal in a very objective way if publipaid is a scam or a fraud, if you are looking for information from publipaid here we are going to carry out an in-depth analysis of this business system.

If you are new to online business you should know that there are many business opportunities that have pyramid systems that work for a few months or years and then disappear with people's money causing economic damage and the worst is that in many cases we invite our friends and family to participate with great enthusiasm in this type of business and the end result is that our image and credibility is seriously damaged.

You do not have to be an expert to search for information and do an analysis of a business opportunity; The lack of information generates fears, distrust and the loss of a real opportunity to improve our quality of life in an honest and transparent way.

Before starting a business it is important to understand that every commercial activity has a risk, in publipaid we have designed a business system to minimize and control the risk since you are always in control of your money.

Publipaid belongs to the group RD Eternal Financing, Inc., started commercial activities in the advertising industry in June 2017, is an innovative company with a 100% decentralized business system, one of the first of its kind.

Publipaid's business system is very simple, you only register and you can earn money by advertising, you can also increase your profits with direct referrals, that is, you invite other people to know this business opportunity (and in return you get a commission from work or If you do not want to invite anyone or do not know anyone who is interested in earning money you can simply rent referrals, Publipaid will assign you a number of referrals that generate earnings for 12 months and the best thing is that you have a 100% Risk Free Guarantee, that is, if your rented referrals do not generate profits according to the plan you chose, you will get back all of your money.

You can also earn money by making a deposit to your publipaid account, since you get an instant commission on the value of your deposit.

All sounds very good but how can you avoid that the members are not scammed or that the company does not disappear with the money of the people?

The answer is clear, unlike other companies Publipaid does not raise funds or manages the money of members in their bank accounts, so we can avoid the risk that the financial system freezes our accounts or that bad officials of the company take over illegal way of the money of the members.

The members of Publipaid have the control and the freedom to manage their money, all the cash flow either the deposits or the retirement of profits is controlled by the members of Publipaid, let's see how it works ...

When making a deposit in your account of publipaid either to rent referrals or simply to earn a commission is done through a verified member of publipaid that helps you to complete your deposit.

We have members in different countries who can accept your deposit, you can choose the amount and the payment method you want to use according to the beneficiary of your deposit. And is it safe to send money to these people? YES, each member of publipaid carries out the verification of your account by sending an identity document and a telephone number, to guarantee that the transaction is carried out in an honest and transparent manner. Publipaid temporarily withholds the total amount of the operation as a guarantee fund, thus you You can deposit safely, you just have to follow our recommendations in the video we have created for you.

And how do I withdraw my earnings from publipaid?

You do not depend on the company to withdraw your winnings, you can choose between multiple payment methods to receive your winnings in your city and in your local currency, a verified member of publipaid will help you complete your withdrawal. And what guarantees exist that a member of publipaid will help me to complete my retirement ?, that is, how do I know for sure or how can I know that I will receive my earnings?

The business system of publipaid is designed so that you feel the tranquility of always having control of your money. Our payment system allows you to receive your winnings safely because our members are interested in making money, just as you are at this moment, it is worth mentioning that the members that help you complete your retirement do so in order to win money through the advantages offered by publipaid, every time there are more people interested in making money with our business system, anyone with basic computer skills has the potential to earn money in publipaid. Do you know people interested in making money ?.

If you have managed to understand the incredible potential of this business system Now You can help your friends and relatives to generate extra income knowing that publipaid is a genuine business opportunity with the ability to generate wealth in an honest, transparent and continuous way. that you will always have control of your money.

Important announcement:

Within the business system we have an account verification policy since among the members operations and funds transactions are carried out, it is important to identify the members and know who we do business with, some detractors of the public have criticized without reason the reason for the We request identity verification from our members, it is important to indicate that publipaid stores member information on private servers under strict security rules and that publipaid members have the control and freedom to delete their information and account in any At no time do we use the information of the owners without their consent under the legal rules of protection and protection of information.