Anti-Spam policy

It is necessary that all users, customers and affiliates of RD Eternal Financing, Inc., onwards, PUBLIPAID.COM, follow the anti-spam policies. If these policies are violated, we may suspend or terminate your account or membership.

Definition of SPAM

Spam is ANY and ALL unsolicited email or other electronic messages. Any promotion or information sent to a person without their prior consent is considered Spam.

Our Commitment

PUBLIPAID.COM does not send messages that have not been requested by the recipient.

PUBLIPAID.COM does not sell or sell the information of its customers.

PUBLIPAID.COM maintains a Privacy Policy that clearly stipulates the way in which it handles the information of its clients.

PUBLIPAID.COM works based on what is called permission marketing. That is, sending messages only to customers who have requested it.

Choice and Low

All members of PUBLIPAID.COM have explicitly accepted to receive emails from the sender (PUBLIPAID.COM). Additionally, they always have the possibility of "Unsubscribe" to stop receiving emails.

In PUBLIPAID.COM we constantly monitor the shipments made, verifying compliance with good practices and verifying that certain levels of complaints and losses have not been exceeded.

If you think you have received emails or information that you have not previously requested from any user, client or affiliate of PUBLIPAID.COM please contact us immediately at