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Terms and conditions

By this document Owloo LLC, INC. (Hereinafter also called PUBLIPAID.COM), comes to make the following statement TERMS AND CONDITIONS THAT MUST BE FULFILLED, RESPECTED AND DEFEND users and members of our site www.publipaid. com (the site)and/or our products., according to what is stated in the present adhesion clauses.

That, "the site" is owned by a corporate group represented by Owloo LLC, INC, a company based in the Republic of Panama:


Once registered and verified on the site, through the entry of the registration information requested by the system and the sending of an identity document you can obtain, balances publipaid or SP ("currency" electronic or intangible closed exchange of circulation with the aim of becoming public in the medium term), which can then withdraw or negotiate in its capacity as digital electronic intangibleand/or electronic currency. In any of the following forms and under the rules set forth herein:

Any publicly-affiliated member may acquire Public Balance as follows:

1.1.- Display of advertisements or advertising in your own accounts.

1.2.- The results or SP for obtaining Direct Referrals - that is to say, members in public who enter under their patronage and according to the policies of commissions in current publipaid balance approved by the publipaid systemand/or informand/or advertise through

1.3.-The results or SP generated by your Referral Hire plans; that is, buying referral rental plans that display advertisingand/or public balances for the acquirer of the rented referrals. These plans are acquired through the deposit in the publipaid system, that is, through the purchase of public balances through the deposit notices advertised on the page

1.4.- Transfer your Publipaid balances, through the system of withdrawals from the publipaid systemand/or that are disseminated as current at Whose negotiation must be given in the terms established herein.

1.5.- Deposit according to the terms indicated in the advertisements of other verified members of Publipaid, for balances in disposition or sale.


2.1.- PUBLIPAID.COM and, respect your privacy and allow you to control the exposure or disclosure of your personal information. A complete statement of the privacy policy of PUBLIPAID.COM ("Privacy Policy") can be found here The Company's Privacy Policy is expressly incorporated into this Agreement by this reference. When you are asked to send information to use or access the Site, Content or Service, you must complete the registration process by providing the information requested on the form. You accept the terms of the Company's Privacy Policy regarding the use of the information you send.


3.1.- As a member of the site, you automatically enroll in our referral program. The member who brought you here (your sponsor) will get commissions (in the form of Publipaid Balances), from the various money generating activities offered by PUBLIPAID.COM. PUBLIPAID.COM may, in its sole discretion, eliminate any member that it believes has been created and that violates our terms with acts of fraud.

3.2.- You can refer to the system as many people as you want.

3.3.- Each of your referrals, as users, must have a unique email address when registering at

2.4.- You must not send unsolicited emails or force anyone in any way to be your referral. Neither can anyone useand/or promote any serviceand/or systems that attempt to sell or obtain directand/or rented referrals. We will verify all types of incidents and may result in the suspensionand/or deletion of your account.

3.5.- The rented referrals have a policy of replacement or change automatically. If in 3 or 4 days one of your rented referrals does not visit any advertisement, your referral will be automatically replaced at no additional charge and for an unlimited number of times. This exchange policy is only for rented referrals.

3.6.- You will only win for the referrals obtained directly, having been referred or rented directly by you.

3.7.- Sponsor change is not allowed.


4.1.- If your account at becomes inactive (90 days without login), PUBLIPAID.COM will consider the account abandoned and will be closed. After the account is closed, all funds (money) in the account will be lost and the balance will be reset. If you reopen this account, the claimed balance will not be refunded. Any reference in your downline when closed due to inactivity will remain in the account.

4.2.- Your account at can be inherited, according to the legal provisions applicable to each member. Otherwise, the condition of transfer to the beneficiaries indicated by the member may be indicated.


5.1.- Confidential Information will be considered all the information and materials that in a written format is marked as confidential, or if it is revealed orally as confidential, likewise it is considered in such situation (Confidential Information) including, without limitation; all information providedand/or publicized onand/or through the PUBLIPAID.COM Websiteand/or related to it, such as the information of: the Services, Inventories, methods and research projects, methods of compiling information, methods of creation of databases, data processing programs, computer programs, computer models, source and object codes, product formulations, strategies and plans for future business, product and service development and ideas, marketing ideas, financial information including regarding costs, commissions, fees, benefits and sales, mailing lists, information about our affiliates and customers, potential affiliates and customers and suppliers and employee information. Furthermore, you agree that you will not attempt to reverse engineer, decompile or attempt to find out the source code of our software or site, or any other software provided for the development of your businessand/or use of the products or services of PUBLIPAID.COM.

5.2.- You acknowledge that you will only use the Confidential Information to the extent necessary to use the Service and promote your business respecting the agreement with PUBLIPAID.COM, and that you will do everything possible to avoid disclosure. authorized of the Confidential Information to any third party.

5.3.- You agree that you will not make oral or written statements, in order to discredit PUBLIPAID.COM to our products, services, employees, customers or partners, and take all reasonable measures to prevent others from making disparaging statements or disseminate false information of PUBLIPAID.COM. You agree that it would be impossible, or difficult to repair, the damages suffered by a violation of this paragraph, and consequently you accept that PUBLIPAID.COM,, can take legal action against you. You declare and accept that your account may be suspendedand/or blockedand/or closed for defacing PubliPaid or for referring to false accusations without proof or foundation.


6.1.- All members of PUBLIPAID.COM,and/or affiliatesand/or registered at, must verify your account before making, deposits, withdrawals of money from your account balance. Failure to verify your address may result in account closure and the loss of any account balance. You can verify your account with a copy of your passport or driver's license. If an adequate proof of identity is not provided, after the request made by PUBLIPAID.COM,, the PUBLIPAID.COM account and the earnings will be lost.

If by any means it is detected that a member has committed fraud about their identity and their legal age allowed in their country to have full legal capacityand/or age, their account may be suspendedand/or eliminated at the discretion of PUBLIPAID.COM, Taking into account the report of the discipline committee of PUBLIPAID.COM in this regard.


7.1.-You represent and warrant that you have all the power, capacity, competence and authority to make this Legal Agreement; you have the legal minimum age required by your country or state to celebrate this agreement and its consequences rights and obligations, regarding the use of the Site and the Content of PUBLIPAID.COM and

For these purposes it is required that the account is verified by sending an official identity document in your country and/or jurisdiction such as passport, driver's license or other that will be evaluated by PUBLIPAID.COMand/or

7.2.- prior to its registration or the same, the member must verify that the Publipaid System, PUBLIPAID.COMand/or and the system it offers, is legal and does not violate any Law or Regulation of the jurisdictions in which you reside or from where you access it.

7.3.- All the information provided by the affiliate or member, to PUBLIPAIDand/or through the system, must be true and correspond to the reality, the use of PUBLIPAID.COM,, the content and the Services will be made in accordance with this Agreement and its Affiliate Agreement and the Policies and Procedures of PUBLIPAID.COM, the affiliate is able to assume any risk related to the use of the Site, the Content and the Services.


8.1.- The guarantees offered by PUBLIPAID.COM are limited to its reimbursement policies

8.2.- PUBLIPAID.COM, www.publipad.comand/or all its content, services, software and products are offered, contracted, executed in the state that they are and knowand/or are provided "" we have no guarantees, express or implicit, arising from or in relation to the site, the service and the content, although the content may be updated on a frequent basis, you may find information with inaccuracies or typographical errors. We are not responsible for the failures or damages of the system or for any irresistible event as a fortuitous event of nature or force majeure.

8.3.- PUBLIPAID.COM,, hires third-party servers, of which we can not guarantee the constant operation, however, we will take the necessary precautions to resolve any setback or technical problem.

8.4.- We do not guarantee that the site or the PUBLIPAID.COM service (Publipaid System) will be compatible with any hardware or software or that the site or service will be uninterrupted or free of errors. You assume the risk of any and all damage or loss of use or inability to use the site or service.

8.5.- We do not make any guarantee or representation as to the level of success, in case of any, the individuals can achieve it using any of our services. Individual results may vary and depend on many factors that include the situation, efforts and specific financial actions of an individual. You should seek the advice of qualified professionals such as an accountant, lawyerand/or professional advisor for specific advice.


9.1.-To the maximum extent permitted by law, PUBLIPAID.COM will not assume any responsibility for the use of any content or other information or service related to the site, we will not be liable for any direct, indirect damage, including damages for loss of account, lost profits, loss of profits or litigation, any damage arising from any decision made or action taken by you depending on the content or our products or services, which are derived or are related in any way to the use or performance of the site or content, or with the delay or inability to use the site, the content or the related service, or for the use or misuse of any information, products, services, related graphics and content obtained through the site, we will not assume any responsibility of any information or data that is incorrect or missing, or that otherwise arises or results from the loss of your data or information, and either for breach of contract with suppliers or others.

9.2.- We are not responsible for networks, servers, satellites, Internet service providers, websites or other uninterrupted connections, inaccessible or unavailable, or incorrect communications, failed, disorderly, revolt, delayed or misdirected, or Any failures or technical difficulties in the services provided by third parties.


10.1.- It is possible that PUBLIPAID.COMand/or now, or from now on from time to time, contain links to websites of third parties. We do not control, investigate, monitor or verify such websites, we are not responsible for the available software, the content or the opinions expressed in such websites, and we do not investigate, monitor or verify. We provide such third party links only as a convenience to site visitors, and the inclusion of a link does not imply endorsement or endorsement of the linked site by us. If you decide to leave the site and access a third-party website, you do so at your own risk.


11.1.- Any clause declared invalid will be considered separable and will not affect the validity or applicability of the rest of the agreements with the userand/or affiliate in: the terms and conditions, the income statement, the membership application, the privacy policies and everything stated on the Site, as they constitute the binding agreement between PUBLIPAID.COM and the usersand/or affiliate, the same that is formed in an integral and systematic way by all the aforementioned documents, although the nullity of any of its extremes may NOT affect other extremes of the other documents.


12.1.- Every attempt, (regardless of type), to illegally access the PUBLIAPAID.COM system and will be registered and sanctioned with the expulsion and closure of the account if the person in charge is a registered member.and/or verified.

12.2.- Attempts to fraud the system are reviewed, and if identified, those responsible will be reported to the respective authorities and in the case of registeredand/or verified members of PUBLIPAID.COMand/or the system will close your accountand/or any other that has participated or linked to fraud or attempted fraud.

12.3.- We will inform you that your account has been suspendedand/or deleted. In the first case, you will be sent an email. Otherwise, you will be notified as soon as you try to use any service of PUBLIPAID.COM.

12.4.- To validate any transaction in PUBLIAPAID.COM and in either retro or deposit, the verified members must include an attachment in the chatand/or dialogue that is generated in their accounts for each operation (either withdrawal or deposit), proof of payment with the operation number shown by the system of for said depositand/or withdrawal,

12.5.- If the participants omit the terms established and indicated in this numeral, as well as in the following, the member's account may be sanctioned with the suspensionand/or closure of their account in PUBLIPAID.COM and


13.1.- All payments will be made through electronic means of payment and bank transfer, please check the current means of payment in the help section or frequently asked questions on the PUBLIPAID.COM site,

13.2.- The minimum amount to request withdrawals is US$ 10.00. We reserve the right to modify the minimum withdrawal amounts at any time and without prior notice. For each withdrawal a fee or percentage of Public Balance may be discounted to be withdrawn or made as a withdrawal commission in favor of PubliPaidand/or its members, which will be informed to the members of PUBLIPAID.COM This fee, if any, will be shown as a deducted value before confirming the withdrawal request.

13.3.- You can only request a withdrawal every 24 hours.

13.4.- You accept and declare that all withdrawals and deposits are processed by verified members of PUBLIPAID.COM and, because PUBLIPAIDand/or does not administer or raise funds from the public In general, its function is to moderate a business system for the proper functioning of it.

13.5.- Internal transfers and the purchase/sale operations of PubliPaid balance must be justified through a voucher issued by a financial entity or electronic payment method. In case of not being able to justify a payment or transfer, the user or member of PubliPaid will be penalized with 20% of the amount of the operation and / or will be expelled and his account closed.

13.6.- The minimum to carry out a transfer of balances is US US$ 10.00, that is, a member must accumulate a minimum of US$ 10 in Publipaid balances in his PubliPaid account as a result of viewing advertisements, commissions by referrals direct or rented to make an internal transfer. Any other strategy that members perform to make internal transfers is considered fraudulent and merits the expulsion of PubliPaid and the closure of their account.

13.7.- It is not allowed to manage third party accounts, it is considered identity theft. A PubliPaid account can only be managed by the account holder.

13.8.- We do not allow the creation of multiple accounts to be managed by a person or member of PubliPaid, it is considered identity theft.

13.9.- It is not allowed to verify more than one account with the same identity, we only allow one account per person.

13.10.- While the currency (Publipaid balance: SP) is not of public circulation, it is not allowed to devalue the balance of Publipaid. The established intrinsic value and its parity with the North American dollar must be respected, equivalent to a unit of public balance per dollar. In case a user devalued the currency will be expelled or could receive penalties or penalties.

13.11.- The deposit or withdrawal operations carried out by the members verified in PUBLIPAID: COMand/or must be supported in the dialogue of each operation, attaching the respective proof of payment thereof, (deposit voucher, proof of bank transfer, sending of electronic currency, proof of depositand/or shippingand/or any that apply). Said receipt must contain or have the operation number in the publipaid system, So we can identify all transactions to be valid, and transactions must be made between the owners of the Publipaid account. Not allowed deposit or receive funds to a third party,. This fact could cause the expulsion of publipaid or be penalized.

13.12.- It is not allowed to sell a publipaid account.

13.13.- It is not allowed to make deposits with resources obtained from illegal activities in the jurisdiction from which the deposit is made, as well as money laundering, drug trafficking, human trafficking, pedophilia, pornography, prostitution, violence against minorities, whether women, elderly people (above 65 years of age), discrimination against people with disabilities and environmental crimes, if any of the cases is proven, the member's account will be closed.

13.14.- Any member of PUBLIPAID.COM or of is not allowed to use the system to advertise illegal activities in the jurisdiction from which they make their depositsand/or of the aforementioned activities. If you check these activities may be sanctioned with the elimination of your account at


14.1.- We accept any type of advertisement, except pages that have malicious code, are redirected to other pages, have adult content, illegal content, have multilevel offers, pyramid business systems or Ponzi systems, businesses that make massive money collection to through traditional or electronic payment methods, cryptocurrency mining, PTC, PTR and SURF pages; Also included are games or bets, content about games/bets or belonging to gaming/betting companies. "Game" means all kinds of games of gambling and derivatives. If the advertised page does not finish loading in the time determined by the system, the progress bar will start counting the seconds you have been seeing the ad. The advertised website has to be able to support multiple visits per second.

14.2.- As a user, you can only win for each ad once every 24 hours.

14.3.- We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement whose exposure is not appropriate.


15.1.- We offer a reimbursement in the case of rented referrals and are limited to our reimbursement policies

15.2.- No payment made for the purchase of advertisements or the purchase of clicks is reimbursable since they are services offered at the time the purchase is made. In case there is a problem with any of your purchases you can always contact us by creating a support ticket. (click payments will be made only with SP or only by subscription or deposits publipaid?)


16.1.- You acknowledge and agree that all suspensions and terminations will be made at the sole discretion of PUBLIPAID.COM and that it will not be liable to you or any other party for said suspension and termination.

16.2.- At the end of any part of this Agreement for any reason, without prejudice to eliminate all possible data, we will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that your User Content or profile is inaccessible and is no longer visible or public; However, you acknowledge and agree that by caching some content can not or could not be removed immediately; such User Content or deleted affiliate may continue on backup copies for a relatively short period of time.


17.1.- You agree to indemnify, defend PUBLIPAID.COMand/or, its managers, members, officers, directors, employees, consultants, suppliers, licensors, agents and representatives safe from any action, claim, demand, procedure, liability, damage, Payments, fines, penalties, costs and expenses, including attorneys' fees and related costs, such as costs of the processesand/or procedures that must be faced, arising or in part from their acts or omission ;and/or arising from the breach of this Agreementand/or its obligations as a userand/or affiliate.

17.2.- If an action, demand, complaint,and/or controversy, request for arbitrationand/or conciliation is filed against PUBLIPAID.COM,, its directorsand/or representativesand/or managers and the aforementioned with respect to any claimand/or claim for itand/or which compensationand/or compensation is requested for acts or omissions of the members, usersand/or affiliates of the Publipaid system,, as well as against the own PUBLIPAID.COM, PUBLIPAID.COMand/or will notify promptly to whom it corresponds of all the before in which it has knowledge.

17.3.- PUBLIPAID.COM accepts that it will have exclusive control over its defense of any claim by third parties. However, no userand/or affiliate may or should not; i) accept any judgment in the name of PUBLIPAID.COMand/or, ii) enter into an agreementand/or transfer that negatively affects the rightsand/or interests of PUBLIPAID.COMand/or www.publipaid. com without the prior written consent of PUBLIPAID.COM.


18.1.- Nothing in this Agreement creates any company, joint venture, agency, franchise, sales representative or employment relationship between you and PUBLIPAID.COM. You understand that you do not have the authority to make or accept offers or to make representations on behalf of PUBLIPAID.COM. You can not make any statement, either on your site or otherwise, that contradicts anything in this section. You are solely responsible for reporting and paying taxes for the money obtained from PUBLIPAID.COM.


19.1.- If for any reason, a court of competent jurisdiction, finds that any term or condition of the agreements with the userand/or affiliates (privacy policy, terms and conditions) is inapplicable, null, ineffective, voidable, invalid etc. ; All other terms and conditions will not be affected and will be full force and effect.


20.1.- PUBLIPAID.COM may alter this agreement at its sole discretion and without prior notice, revise this Agreement; modify the Site, the Content or the Service, and discontinue the Site, the Content or the Service at any time for any revision. The Company will publish any alteration of this Agreement on the Site. In case of substantial changes to this Agreement, you will be notified of the changes and will be required to accept the new terms. If any modification is unacceptable to you, your only recourse is to not use the Site and the Service and request an immediate cancellation of your account at PUBLIPAID.COM.


21.1.- This Contract will be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Panama and will be governed by them, without reference to its rules on conflicts of laws. You hereby irrevocably accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the state or federal courts of the Republic of Panama in all disputes arising out of or related to the use of the Site, Content or Service. In the event of a dispute between an affiliate and the Company arising out of or related to the Agreement, or the rights and obligations of either party, the parties will attempt in good faith to resolve the dispute through confidential and non-binding mediation.

PUBLIPAID.COM will not be required to participate in mediation as a prerequisite for disciplinary action against a Userand/or Affiliate. If the parties fail to resolve their dispute through mediation, the dispute shall be settled totally and definitively by arbitration.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, any of the parties may bring an action before the courts that request a restraining order, precautionary or permanent measure, or other equitable measure to protect their intellectual property rights, including but not limited to lists of clients and affiliates, secrets, trademarks, trade names, patents and copyrights. The parties can also request the judicial execution of an arbitral award. This Agreement does not limit the rights or resources that we, our suppliers, licensees or other similar entities, may have under the trade Secret, copyright, patents, trademarks or other laws.