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Frequently Asked Questions

PubliPaid is an international advertising platform, offering its services through the internet, allowing advertisers to take advantage of an efficient advertising system to reach their target audience at the lowest possible cost and in the shortest time, it also offers a business system where members can earn money by watching the advertising of our advertisers or by renting referrals to leverage their work. PubliPaid is a free service available worldwide and in several languages. You do not need to pay us anything to start winning. Then, register now and start earning money for free!
You can withdraw your earnings in your city through multiple payment methods such as paypal, cash deposit, western union, bitcoin and other payment methods. You can choose to withdraw your earnings through the ATM system and also by selling rented referral packages to the people you invite to join Publipaid, you get 100% of all direct referral purchases.
You can withdraw your earnings from USD $ 10 dollars by selling rented referral guidelines a minimum of 20 dollars through the ATM system according to your rank, if you are of bronze rank you can withdraw from a minimum of 20 dollars, if its rank is higher the minimum withdrawal is 50 dollars.
Withdrawing through the ATM system can take between 5 and 30 days. The fastest way to withdraw is through the sale of rented referral packages. Remember, you can benefit from 100% of the purchases of all your direct referrals. We recommend you watch the videos that we publish on our official YouTube channel to learn step by step how the withdrawal process takes place.
Now in Publipaid you can earn money in 3 ways: First.- Viewing Advertising, it is simple, you only have to visualize an advertisement for a certain time and a monetary amount is credited in your available balance of publipaid. You can also earn commissions for each friend you invite to join your publipaid network. Second: Renting referrals is the most profitable way to generate income, your earnings can be withdrawn at any time. Referral rental is restricted to the Republic of Panama. Very soon we will enable the referral rental option in this jurisdiction, we will previously notify the members through an official statement, we appreciate your understanding.
Referrals are members like you who have joined publipaid, but they also earn money for you when they see ads. A referral is someone who works for you, there are two types of referrals: Direct Referrals and Alkylated Referrals. Direct Referral: It is someone who has joined Puplipaid invited by you, to get a direct referral correctly you must ask people to register from their referral website, you will find it in your virtual office in the session "My account". You will get 10% of benefits in 6 levels of depth of work from all your direct referrals. You will also get cash commissions in 6 levels for your rented referrals, 5% - 3% - 2% - 1% - 1% - 1% respectively. Rental referents: You rented them for a period of time and they will do the work for you.
Inactive referrals or those that do not click in a period equal to or greater than 3 days will be removed and replaced without charge by active referrals in order that you obtain the highest profits of each referral for rent. 100% Risk Free Guarantee PubliPaid takes the risk. If your rented referrals do not generate profits according to the plan you chose, you will get back all of your money, without complications.
Here are the three ways to do it: Use our banners: Show our banners online with your user link, you can find them in your virtual office in the "My Account" section. When the visitor clicks on the banner it will be sent to his referral web page and we will do the rest of the work for you. Boca a Boca: Simply talk to your friends and family to register through their referral website so that they also benefit from publipaid. Rent: You can rent referrals for one month (30 days) to work for you (it's not slavery ... they also earn). Simply enter your virtual office and acquire the number of referrals you need to obtain the income you want to achieve each month. The number of referrals available may vary depending on how many users have registered without a referral.
You can find your referral web page in the "My Account" section so you must log in, your reference page shows your affiliate ID, example:
We only allow one account per person, all accounts must be verified. Ads are shown in a single account per IP, if you share your IP with other members of publipaid, your ads will be shown as seen since our advertisers want to reach unique users by IP.
Yes, you can generate income with the rental of referrals regardless of the number of people who use the same computer or IP.
There may be several reasons, let's see: - Use any type of automatic click software or third party software to view advertisements. - Log in using Proxy or VPN networks. - Create multiple accounts to defraud the system.
Make sure you have an account with us, log in and visit the "advertise" section. We have a variety of advertising packages available for our advertisers. Choose what suits your budget and complete the following simple steps.
Sites that promote pornography, spam, war, racism, drugs, etc. are not allowed on our platform.
Click on Login in the menu and click on the link "Have you forgotten your password?" Or follow this link: Https://
We have an honest and professional management with a company legally registered under a secure environment, DDOS protected and 256 bit SSL.

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